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Wednesday – Sunday

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Friday – Sunday (will get error message on link except these days)

Favorite: everything, because wine duh! (if you don’t love a bottle, contact them and they will send you a new one for FREE)

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Friday – Sunday

Favorite: the probiotic (what our family takes + what I recommend to clients), but check out their other 5 newer products + a dog probiotic for my dog lovers!

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Friday – Monday

Favorite: blueberry lemonade but really love them all

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Friday – Monday

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Thursday – December 4th

Favorite: jalapeño meat sticks (kids like the sausage best) + their Vitamin C and Turmeric Complex


Thursday – Monday

Favorite: pretty much everything; #1 is charcoal deodorant but love their cleansing oil, everything spray, beauty cream, body butter, body oil, lip balm, dry shampoo, room sprays, and essential oil blends. 

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Use code Thankful15 Thursday 5pm – midnight for extra 15% off

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Thursday 5pm EST – Monday

Favorite: 10 inch skillet and the versa stock pots 

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Monday only 

Favorite: lots of quality brands saved under catalog > dispensary favorites