how to make fermented pickled veggies

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Food and Kitchen Basics, Gut Health, Recipes

Fermented foods are vital to our gut health and overall health. There are so many great ways to get in fermented foods, but one of my kids favorite ways is pickled carrots. Seriously, may sound strange but they love these and prefer them over regular raw carrots!


It is really simple to make your own at home and today I am going to show you how. All you need is carrots, salt, distilled water, and a jar! 


This exact same process can be replicated for any of your favorite veggies. We usually also have fermented pickled radishes and onions in our fridge. 


This ensures we have variety and different options, making it easy to always get a ferment onto our plate.

If you want to get some specific equipment (completely optional), here are some of my favorite tools that I shared in the video. 

Glass weights

Airlock lids

Wood pounder

Starter kit

Wide mouth mason jars

Fermentation lids


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