2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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As we approach the gift giving season, I have the feeling in my house that I don’t want more mindless stuff. Are you the same? 

Today, I wanted to share some ideas of things that could really benefit you and your home (or your loved one’s home)! Remember every small step you take on your wellness journey, makes an impact on tomorrow. 

Do you need the push to get back cooking, sleeping better, swapping out a product for a nontoxic alternative or taking the next step in learning. Here are some ideas for everyone in your family!

Embrace Wellness Holiday Gift GuideFor Your Kids

Functional gifts that get your kids in the kitchen.My kids love their cooking set. This is a great starter set to get your kids excited about being in the kitchen. 

What about an ice cream maker that both kids and mom love, because the secret is it is made with only fruit.

Book Bonus – a book teaching them about gut health. I love that resources like Buddies In My Belly exist. 

For A New Baby

Do you have a new baby in the family? Introduce that momma and pappa to some nontoxic products.Our newest loves these silicone teether toys.

You can also do a little gift basket with Honest Shampoo + Body Wash and Baby Balm (embracewellness10 gets you 10% off)

Book Bonus: Baby Led Weaning Book is a great resource for learning how to teach your kids to be healthy and confident eaters (and personally what I have done with my three kids)

Check out some of my other favorite kid stuff here.

For Your Spouse 

How about the husband that doesn’t need anything?

Consider a pair of blue blocking glasses. Blue light from technology blocks the hormone melatonin so your body can’t fall asleep or stay asleep. These glass will help block that blue light so make sure to put them on a couple hours before bed each night. They also help with eye strain if your husband is on the computer a lot like mine.  Read more here

Book Bonus: Gratitude Journal. This is a daily practice all of us could benefit from. This 5 Minute Journal may be a great place to start.

For The Women In Your Life

Last but not least, your momma, a friend or what about yourself 🙂

Introduction to Essential Oils

This is a diffuser that is on my list this year. My chiropractor’s office has it and it is great. It is huge (she said lasts for 12 hours) and makes this really calming bubbly noise. Plus, it looks beautiful (and comes in three colors).

I love to diffuse Peppermint and Wild Orange together and Balance is a great blend to have going all the time!!

Some of my favorite essential oil blends to add to your holistic medicine cabinet are Breathe, Digeztn, Past Tense. 

Upgrade your perfume to a non toxic good quality clean one. This is one of my favorite brands and it comes as a roll on or solid, which makes them great to travel with.

And who doesn’t love body butter? Your skin is your largest organ so what you are putting on your skin is just as important as what you are putting in your mouth. My personal favorite scent is the almond vanilla scent, but really love all of them! (code embracewellness10 gets you 10% off)

Toss the slow cooker and move to an Instant Pot that is multi-functional (can be a pressure cooker + slow cooker + so much more) and is made from stainless steel, so a great non toxic addition to get you cooking homemade meals more often!

Book Bonus: How To Be Well and Dirt Cure both are comprehensive and very informative and a great addition to any bookshelf. 

Check out last year’s gift giving guide for some additional ideas. 

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