Are Your Bags Packed?

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Prior to having our third baby, I did an Instagram live video walking you through some of the food we were packing to take to the hospital with us. I was not interested in eating hospital food, so wanted to make sure I had lots of options to get us through the couple of days.

Even if you aren’t expecting, this is a great list of ideas of things to bring with you if you are headed out on vacation. Some of the items I will list out will be dependent on airplane vs car travel and if you have a kitchen available to cook, but hopefully this will give you some ideas on ways to pack items, both to save money and have healthy options on hand.


  • Oatmeal
    • Make your own: dried oats, hemp seeds, cinnamon. When ready to eat, simply add water or if more options available, add your favorite milk and berries. Also great with a little nut butter mixed in.
    • Healthy package option: We have had Purely Elizabeth and liked their clean ingredients and flavor.
  • Paleovalley Meat Sticks (beef and turkey options; use code EMBRACEWELLNESS15 for 15% off)
  • Favorite nut butter: throw a jar in or Justin’s has great travel packs. Ways to eat:
    • Apple slices
    • Rice cakes
    • In oatmeal
    • By the spoonful
  • Kettle and Fire bone broth – drink warmed up with some salt (use code EMBRACEWELLNESS for 10% off)
  • Balance shot (use code ASHLEY50 for  50% off initial subscription order. Every month following, receive a recurring 25% off and  free shipping)
  • HB eggs with sliced avocado
  • Birch Benders pancakes (mix you just add water to). Top with nut butter. This option is of course specific to travel and if you have access to a kitchen. No pancakes in the hospital room 🙂




  • While at the hospital we planned for visitors that could bring us something or my husband could run out for a healthy take out option. If we could get in healthy options for the rest of the meals we felt good about dinner being out.


What are some of your favorite foods to travel with? I am always looking for more ideas.

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