Five Simple Swaps For Making Kids Food Choices Healthier

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Who doesn’t wish their kids ate a little better? I feel like mine eat pretty darn good, but there are still times I think we could do better.  Can we talk about school food and snacks – ahhh! We do what we can right?!


Anyway, in our home, we don’t eliminate any specific food for a couple of reasons.

  1. I think if you fully eliminate something, it makes them want it more.
  2. Secondly, food is our love language and simply put we enjoy eating.


We do however try to make good choices 85-90% of the time and even when we are partaking in something that may not be the best choices we try to make better choices. For example, if we want something sweet, maybe choosing the best quality product of whatever that food is –  honey vs simple cane sugar, homemade vs. store bought.


Even with that said, sometimes it is just what it is and that is okay. Again, not always perfect. Just a couple of weeks ago at a neighborhood gathering they had all the junk and I was okay with it because I knew we could get back on track soon and that the other 95% of the time they are eating nourishing foods.


We need to offer ourselves grace. If you can make better choices and improvements in your normal day to day, then those indulgences aren’t so bad and aren’t wrecking as much havoc on our body because we can bounce back into those healthy norms quicker.


Today I am sharing 5 simple swaps you may want to consider, specifically focused on kids and sugar.

  1. Skip flavored milk and make a Belly Boosting Drink instead.
  2. Opt for no syrup on pancakes and waffles. Alternative options include yogurt, applesauce, fruit sauce (just blend up fruit), or your favorite nut butter.
  3. Say no to juice. Try kombucha instead. Or if they are going to have a juice, dilute with some water.
  4. Buy plain yogurt. It really is easy to flavor yourself. Use an immersion blender and blend up fruit directly into the yogurt. (Did you know some yogurts have more than an entire day’s recommended sugar intake in that one package?)
  5. Limit bread. Gluten is not great for you due to the inflammatory effect it can have on the body, but also have you ever looked at the ingredients on your bread? I bet there is sugar, sometimes even multiple types. Consider making quesadillas with grain free tortillas for lunch or having grain free crackers as part of a homemade lunchable. Rice or sweet potatoes would be great options for dinner sides.
  6. Bonus: skip the cereal or prepackaged bars for breakfast. Try my Chia Overnight Oat Cups or Breakfast Cookies, which both have no added sugar and can be done in advance for busy mornings.


My number one piece of advice is keep it out of the house. If you don’t want them having juice, don’t buy it. They will likely get it plenty at school, friend’s house, etc. If it isn’t around, then there is no choice but for it to be a special treat when they do have it.


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