What is Kombucha

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Kombucha is a fermented fizzy probiotic beverage. The base is tea (in the case of our favorite, organic green and black tea), sugar (in the case of our favorite, organic cane sugar) and a scoby (which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). The scoby is a living sponge type material that feeds on the sugars to make the probiotics and other beneficial fermented acids and enzymes in the drink. After a set fermentation period, the drink goes through a second fermentation and that is when it is flavored. In the case of our favorite, they flavor using organic cold pressed juices and no added sugar (expect in a few of their flavors).

Can kids, pregnant or nursing women drink kombucha?

I think it is important to do your own research of the pros and cons but I will say our entire family drinks it, including our kids, and I drank it while I was pregnant and nursing. As our family has grown over the years, we now have two small kegs of it in our home so we always are equipped with a couple flavors. It is a family favorite and something we incorporate daily.

How to incorporate kombucha?

I do believe kombucha is beneficial and a great alternative to soda or juice, but you should still drink in moderation. I wouldn’t do more than 4-6 ounces a day and would recommend starting out in small doses, such as 2-3 ounces. 

Also, don’t forget about the fermented foods. You are going to get a ton of benefit from those as well!


Also, don’t forget about fermented foods. You are going to get a ton of benefit from those as well! Check out an article here to learn more!



We have been drinking Kombucha for many years and 3 years ago found this small batch artisan company, Tea-biotics, that is local to our Kansas City area.

Some of our favorite flavors are blueberry, peach, mango, pomegranate and elderberry variations in the winter. I also often ask for a mix of various flavors to make combinations like peach carrot and blueberry ginger for additional variety.

As I mentioned there are a few that have added sugars, so we do try to stay away from those or only do those in very limited amounts. The flavors with added sugar are: root beer, cream soda, cayenne lemonade, mule mix and banana.

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