Non Toxic Lunch Box – Three Ways To Upgrade!

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Packing a lunch is a commitment. 

I know that not too many people are like weird ol me and excited to pack a lunch. Not only does it take time, and prep but also money. Especially if you opt to get a lunch box container that is reusable and made from non toxic materials. 

Today, I am going to share some options with you if you are ready to say bye bye to the ziplock bags and plastic containers. 


Three Ways to Upgrade!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is durable, and doesn’t leach chemicals. It is a great option for a lunch box. 


Leading up to my oldest going to kindergarten I heard great things about Planet Box, which is a stainless latch box system that comes in three different styles, all with varying amounts of compartments. We are loving ours so far and have only heard great things about the longevity of this box. Most say it will last them as long as the kid will let you still send it :)…i.e. until they are too cool!



Lunch Bots is another favorite that comes in different sizes. I use the one pictured to send his afternoon snack in. 

Another great option are Bento Boxes, although have not tried those personally yet. 


Cons of stainless

  • Price point is often high
  • Can be heavy especially if you add a water bottle 
  • Likely only have one so need to wash / rinse every night  (I rinse mine, flip it over on a drying rack and then after dinner when I am ready to pack, finish drying it with a rag)



This is a durable, reusable material that is a great alternative to plastic and is cheaper than stainless. 


We use a three compartment silicone option for on the go in the car with travel or when we are headed to the park or zoo. 


Reusable bags


My favorite reusable bag is from Lunchskins. They have a snack and sandwich size and are dishwasher safe. This is an absolute must have for swapping plastic ziplock baggies! 


We have had ours for probably 5 years and they look a little dingy but still hold up and the velcro continues to work great to keep them closed. 


There are a lot of other options out there, like Planetwise which has a zipper closure and Stasher Bag which are silicone.  Stasher Bags are more expensive, so maybe this one is for momma!


What are your favorite supplies for packing lunch!




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