Healthy Snacking!

Healthy Snacking!

I don’t know about you, but my kids love snacks! They love when we have ‘snacky dinners’ and usually want a snack one to two times a day.

We try really hard to keep only nutritious foods in the house, knowing that there are plenty of other opportunities out for the ‘fun foods’ – as we call them. We talk about fun foods being the ones that don’t help us grow big and strong, but taste good and are fun to eat every once in while.

Below is a list I compiled of a few healthy store bought snacky items that our my kids favorites!








Dairy, if tolerated

  • Good Culture Cottage Cheese
  • Organic cheese sticks
  • Plain yogurt (dairy or alternative) with toppings (suggestions: nuts, seeds, no / low sugar granola, fresh or frozen fruit, coconut, vanilla extract, nut butter)



Happy snacking!