Four Nut Free Packaged Snacks From Costco

Four Nut Free Packaged Snacks From Costco

Nut allergies are no joke. It is on the rise and the precautions that are needed have become very evident. 

When I was preparing for my oldest to head to Kindergarten, this gave me a heavy heart. It made me sad because of the amount of people that have to deal with this in their everyday life, but also because most things on the school district’s nut free list is not only very un-nourishing, but also often filled with artificial junk (at least in my school district)! These kids (and all kids) deserve better options!

Most days, my kids school snack consists of a fruit, veggie and then something else like meat, olives, pickles, etc. 

A few days a week, we also send a ‘fun food’ as part of the snack, which is basically just a packaged option.


Today I am sharing our Top Four Favorite Nut Free Packaged Snacks

(bonus – they are all available at Costco*)

Made Good

This brand makes granola bars and bites, along with cookies. They are gluten free and allergen free, remarkably upgraded ingredients compared to the counterparts and are often lower in sugar. 



Annie’s Homegrown

All things Annie’s. We love this company. They are not perfect, but again a huge improvement compared to the like products from other brands.  My sons love the Smiley Puff’s, which are a great alternative to Cheetos. 


Skinny Pop

Both their popcorn and rice cakes are a great option. They even came out with an ‘Everything Bagel’ rice cake, which is delicious (I love Trader Joe’s Everything but the bagel seasoning!). The rice cakes aren’t available at Costco, but still worth checking out for a different option. 

RW Garcia Crackers

This is clean, gluten free chip meets cracker option. Our favorite is actually the Lentil with Turmeric option, but the Sweet Potato is good too. Pair this with some Organic Valley Meat slices or Wholly Guacamole for a great snack option. 

**Bonus: Off The Eaten Path

This product is nut free, but not on my school district’s list. I have inquired about adding it.

This is the response I received from the company, when I inquired about their status. 

“There are no peanuts or tree nuts in any variety of Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps, nor do they share equipment with these ingredients.

We cannot claim to have allergen free facilities, no matter what the allergen.

Even if there are no snacks made in the facility that contain peanuts and tree nuts, we may have these ingredients in our employee vending machines, lunches, etc..

Instead, we label for any possible cross contact with nut ingredients via shared equipment.”

What is your kiddo’s favorite nut free snack? I am always looking for more options! 


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*Costco is constantly changing their inventory and different locations offer different options. These may not be available at your location and not all flavor / brand products options will likely be available.