Traveling During The Winter: What Supplements and Meds I Bring

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We love to get out of our hometown in the midwest during January where the skies are gray and there is often snow and sometimes ice. 

Traveling that time of year brings risks of illness though. 

If we travel during the spring, summer or fall I often stop all supplements and my holistic meds travel bag is light. In the winter, I want to come fully prepared to support our bodies, if something comes about. 

Here is a video (less than 10 minutes walking you through what we take). 

If you are more of a reader, here is a quick recap. Again, keep in mind, we only take this list in peak winter illness months. 


  1. Food based Vitamin C. Our favorite is from Paleovalley and you can get 10% off with code embracewellness10
  2. Zinc. which is supportive for colds. *6 years and older
  3. Vitamin D, if I am not going to a warm climate.


  1. V Clear is an African herb blend that has been shown to decrease upper respiratory symptoms.
  2. Wind Breaker is a Chinese herbal blend that is helpful for cold or flu.


  1. Oscillococcinum. We take weekly as a preventative measure and then at first sign of any illness, cold or flu, and make sure to get 3 doses in during that first 24 hours.  If the illness stays flu like, we continue. 
  2. Coldcalm. If it turns cold symptoms, we move to this. 

Essential Oils

  1. On Guard beadlets for mom and dad to take at first sign of any illness. We take every hour or two until symptoms resolve. 
  2. Favorite blends to replace conventional medications: Past Tense for headaches and tension, Breathe for respiratory support, Deep Blue for sore muscles,  Digestzen for upset tummy. 
  3. Frankincense to mix with Breathe and Magnesium spray for cough. 
  4. Peppermint if we are flying goes into my carryon for ear pain. 
  5. Throat drops: Ginger (belly support), Breathe (respiratory support), On Guard (protective blend)


  1. Activated Coconut Charcoal. Helps remove toxins from the body and especially helpful for stomach upset. *I have not given this to my kids. 


I also make sure to bring the two things my boys do every night before bed to support their immune system.



We store everything in silicone stasher bags! They have a few different sizes. 

If you don’t want to bring full size bottles of essential oils, you can use mini bottles that can be purchased online and put them in an Altoid container. 

I have some of my favorite holistic options saved here

I also have an online dispensary I work with called Fullscript. You can sign up for free and get quality medical / practitioner grade supplements shipped directly to your house (often with free shipping). Some brands I recommend are tagged within the dispensary (navigate to Categories, then Practitioner Categories).




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