10 Tips While Eating Out

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Eating out is a realistic part of life. Yes, I should be saying home cooked meals are the only way to go, but that is just not realistic or fun. Don’t get me wrong, home cooked meals should be the primary basis of your meals. However, there is something to be said for taking a night off cooking and eating out. Plus, it is also a social event, which is just as equally important. Eating out also teaches your kids manners that I don’t think you can always get in a home environment.


We typically eat out a couple times each week. Again, our goal with making the best choices is to strive for 85% in all areas.


When you do eat out, the key is finding a way to not go overboard and completely derail.   Today I will share 10 tips I try to incorporate into my eating out experience to keep myself and ideally my family on track.  



  1. Eat a small snack before you go. If you go starving your willpower will be gone.
  2. Drink a big glass of water.



  1. Ask if they have a lunch size available (even if its dinner) or see if someone else at the table wants to share. 
  2. Start with salad, dressing on side as your appetizer.
  3. Opt for protein, simply cooked. Think chicken or fish. Grilled or roasted. Skip the sauces and condiments, as most of them will likely have inflammatory oils.
  4. Load up on veggies. Don’t be afraid to swap sides, even if it isn’t listed on the menu that way.
  5. Say no to bread (or eat only one piece if you can have that self control).



  1. Ask for a box as soon as the food is delivered.
  2. Put the fork down between bites. This will allow you to savor the meal and let your body tell you when it is starting to get full. (We should all be doing this even at home, with every meal!)
  3. If you want the bread, potato, etc., save it for the end after everything else is eaten on your plate. Maybe you will be too full to want it :). (I talk with my boys about those being the fun foods. We eat the nourishing veggies and protein first and then have the fun food last). 


Do you try to stay on track when you are eating out or just let go?



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