Two Supplements To Have On Hand This Winter To Help Ease Belly Issues

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Holidays are here. You may not be eating like you normally do. More sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol – all things that can wreak havoc on your belly and body. 

Two supplements to consider adding to your medicine cabinet this fall and winter are Activated Charcoal and Digestive Enzymes. This will help alleviate issues your body may have as you have some extra indulgences. 

Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is the substance given to people when someone shows up in the Emergency Department with an overdose. Charcoal helps bind to the toxins in the intestinal tract and helps excrete them out of your body. 

Activated Charcoal is great to help ease gas, bloating or stomach upset and I have found to be helpful if I have one too many glasses of non Dry Farm Wine.

It is important to not use this substance around other medications or supplements, as it will not discriminate and also pull those out. 

This is the one I have in our holistic medicine cabinet.

Digestive Enzymes

The release of digestive enzymes is a natural part of your body digesting your food. 

Supplementing with pills, can help take the pressure of your body’s organs that are responsible for digestion and help you break down those hard to digest foods like certain proteins, starch, fat and sugars.

Look for full spectrum digestive enzymes that contain protease which break down proteins including gluten, amylase which break down starches, lipase which break down fats, lactase which breakdown lactose in dairy. 

According to the book, Elimination Diet, digestive enzymes also increase your ability to get nutrients from your food, allowing for more energy and overall vitality. They also have been shown to lessen diarrhea and constipation and relieve gas, nausea and bloating. 

Slowly eating and ensuring adequate chewing will also help take some of the work off your body and help you get the nutrient absorption your body needs. In addition, chewing thoroughly helps you not have large undigested food particles hanging around in your GI tract causing unfavorable symptoms like gas and bloating and feeding your bad gut microbes.

How do you manage those foods your body doesn’t always agree with?

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