Where To Eat Out In KC?

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We call Kansas City home and are excited that the food scene has really stepped up its game the last few years. We are finally starting to find some better quality options that make us feel good when we eat out.

Things we look for in our ideal restaurant

  • Sourcing of good quality meat (no antibiotics or hormones). Local is even better.
  • Lots of fresh veggies. Even better if sourced locally. If meat is not ideally sourced, I am often going for veggie dishes.
  • Real ingredients. Homemade sauces. Prepared onsite. Not processed or minimally processed.
  • Gluten free options.

Overall, we love places that have a Farm to Table concept. If we can’t get that, fresh food is best and we also love trying ethnic options. The ethnic options don’t always fit the same bill, but it is important to us that our kids experience different culture’s food and tastes, so we offer more freedom with those.

All of the restaurants we listed below don’t fit into our ‘perfect restaurant.’ We do our best and give ourselves grace, as I would encourage you to do.

Finally, we are also members of the Kansas City Food Circle, which is an organization that supports local farms and its mission is connecting people to those farmers and their food. They have a list of restaurants that meet their guidelines of sourcing from two or more local farms on a regular basis. Many of our favorites are also on that list.

Here you go!

Fast Food

  1. Chipotle
  2. Twisted Fresh
  3. Spin

Fast Casual – Our Entire Family

  1. Enjoy Pure Food + Drink
  2. Westside Local
  3. Caffetteria
  4. t.Loft
  5. Mixx

Sit Down – Our Entire Family (often lunch is more casual / cheaper than dinner)

  1. True Food Kitchen
  2. 715 (Lawrence)
  3. Blue Bird Bistro
  4. Cafe Gratitude
  5. Urban Table
  6. Gram and Dun
  7. YaYas
  8. Pig & Finch
  9. Rye
  10. Avenues Bistro

Ethnic Inspired – Our Entire Family

  1. LuLu’s Noodle Shop
  2. Pad Thai
  3. Blue Koi
  4. KC Grill and Kabob
  5. Ruchi Indian

Date Night (we have taken our kids to a few of these…)

  1. Antler Room
  2. Le Fou Frog
  3. Reiger
  4. Room 39
  5. Novel
  6. Story
  7. Farmhouse
  8. Webster House
  9. Extra Virgin

Share your favorites in the comments! 

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