Six Holistic Ways To Manage Seasonal Threats

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Does moving into spring cause lots of undesirable symptoms? I know it did for me…every spring. I got the itchy throat and watery eyes, but maybe you get a runny nose or congestion, or red swollen eyes. Issues with seasonal threats are very common and often treated with antihistamines. If you knew there were other more natural and holistic options that didn’t come with side effects, would you be interested in those? I assume so because you are here reading this! 

Before we jump into those, keep in mind these are more natural ways to manage the symptoms. Even better news is you can likely work to stop the symptoms. How you ask? As you have heard me say many times, your gut health affects tons and tons of issues your body might be having, and this is one of those. If your gut is inflamed or ‘leaky’ and not working properly it won’t be able to fight off potential allergens.  If we can get your gut health healed, you will likely not have these symptoms anymore or decrease significantly. I will talk more about how below, but to begin – those 6 ways to manage symptoms I promised.


Six Holistic Ways To Manage Seasonal Threats

  1. Avoid dairy as it is known to be mucus producing
  2. Essential oils
    • Breathe – will help clear airways
    • Lavender, lemon and peppermint. Mix these together in equal parts and add them to a roller bottle to apply to the bottom of feet. Adults may also consume one drop of each in a glass of water (if using doTERRA oils)
    • TriEase softgels 
  3. Bee products. According to the Functional Medicine practice Parsley Health, they recommend starting these products 6 weeks before exposure starts so there is time to build up in your system and familiarize your body with the potential allergic pollens.
    • Pollen – easy to add to smoothies and local is best
    • Propolis – here is our family favorite in the form of a spray
    • Honey – raw and local is best
  4. Nasal rinse to help clear out allergens and relieve congestion
    • Xlear  – our family favorite
    • Neti pot
  5. Antihistamine supplements (**You can sign up for free here to get medical grade supplements delivered to your door. Keep in mind the quality of the supplement is very important!**)
    • D-Hist and D-Hist Jr.
    • Quercetin 
  6. Homeopathy (natural substances that help relief symptoms using principal that like cures like;  no side effects, contraindications or interactions).
    • Boiron is a company that offers a symptom guide that helps direct you to an appropriate choice. Here are ten options for allergies, depending on what you are experiencing.

Getting to the root cause and healing your gut is the ultimate goal, not just symptom management. The above ideas will help get you by, but I hope I can encourage you to also focus on your gut.

I have talked about a few different things you could consider doing here, here, here and here. We have also talked about fermented foods and drinks being great for the gut, but they are also high in histamines, so during your allergy flares I would recommend holding off on adding this step into your gut health repair plan.

I also have a program that focuses on this exact topic. If you are interested in chatting further about that, shoot me an email at or learn more below

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